Exit is the seventh and final level in Outlast: Whistleblower.

250px-Waylon leaving the asylum


After killing Eddie Gluskin at the Vocational BlockWaylon Parkexits the block and moves through to the Male Ward. There, Waylon comes across the Murkoff Tactical Division, who are discussing what killed a particular Variant, whose body was stuck in the elevator shaft until the tactical operators pulled it from the shaft. Waylon manages to evade the tactical operators, who have been ordered to kill anyone on sight and contain the asylum. Park manages to reach the Administration Block from where he could finally exit the asylum. Waylon goes to the main atrium and to his surprise, he finds Jeremy Blaire slumped against the front doors of the block. A seemingly injured Blaire is surprised to see that Waylon is still alive and offers him a deal - Waylon helps Blaire and Blaire helps Waylon. Hardly feeling sorry for Blaire and determined to expose Murkoff, Waylon is about to exit the asylum when Blaire suddenly gets up and uses a medium-sized knife to non-fatally stab Waylon in the abdomen, while declaring that nobody can know about the illegal experiments that were conducted by Murkoff. Before Blaire can finish off Waylon, The Walrider (with his new host) ambushes and rips Blaire into pieces, killing him instantly. Waylon then exits the asylum and enters a red (Miles') Jeep and is about to leave when he sees a shadowy figure also exiting the asylum. Waylon uses his camera to see Miles Upshur's Walrider-sustained body and then quickly leaves Mount Massive Asylum for good.


A fully-recovered Waylon is seen reading his laptop to upload the footage he took from the asylum into a leaking website. Before he could upload the footage, Waylon is approached by a shadowy figure , working for the same leaking website and tells Waylon that they have managed to cover his tracks. The figure then tells Waylon that what he is about to do is justice and that he will ruin Murkoff forever. However, he also tells Waylon that if he uploads the footage, Murkoff in return will try anything just to hurt Waylon as payback, even hurting Waylon's family and also asks Waylon if he really wants to ruin Murkoff so much. Despite the risks, Waylon uploads the footage.


Whistleblower (Bronze trophy [1]) - Finish the Whistleblower DLC.

BowelWhistler (Gold trophy [2]) - Finish the DLC in Insane mode.

Archivist (Silver trophy [3]) - Collect all documents.

Legacy (Silver trophy [4]) - Complete all recordings.